No pain, no gain : The Challenge Zone

The next few weeks are very very busy for me. Today I am travelling to Oslo in Norway to visit a prospective client and perform a pre-study. Exciting! Next week we have a new release for Marbodal and then I am travelling to the Grand Rapids office for a week. After that it feels like I am booked up for as long as I can scroll down in my outlook calender.

Its scary and at the same time a lot of fun to know that you are in demand and a lot of things need to be done!

Unfortunately we have come to the decision that I wont be attending the User Conference this year. I am due to become a father within a few weeks of the UC and it wouldnt feel right to be away so close in case anything happens. Tobias Wester will be there to represent me on the day. It is such a shame as I was so looking forward to being there!

Take the challenges head on!



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