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Process change – equals live or die!

Overheads in internal administration are pain. The question is how to get rid of them? The answer is change! Technology has open up the gate to change in a way we only could have dreamed about before. People that embrace change and do it swipe the floor with the competition. Change is collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers and dealers. We all have to work together. It will not work otherwise.

The best is to read and listen to some people and organizations that have done it!
We will publish a series of case stories this year that highlight amazing individuals and how they use technology to be winners. Please enjoy the case stories at case studies

How to differentiate – Customize!

Companies want to be special and have something unique to offer. Companies want to differentiate. This could be products, it could be services, it could be processes, and more. Whatever it is the company need to have internal support to manage the differentiator. The differentiator has to work for the company as efficiently as possible.
Then I ask myself, can standard solve a differentiator task?
It can’t! Differentiate can only be achieved by customization. Customization is the key for success. Reason: The differentiator is only standard for one company otherwise it’s not a differentiator.
So, we have to customize. Ok, I got it!

The update terror – O No! not another update

Are you tired of pressing “I agree” multiple times and over and over again to make your computer up to date? I am! How it works today is not sustainable. We need to seek a more transparent model where this happens automatically. Today I have at least 20 different programs that require frequent attention because of updates… and this number is growing. If I have 100 programs that require the same attention I will be busy pressing “I agree” instead of actually doing something! We need a mechanism where we as users can say; “I trust this software from this supplier and just do the updates without disturbing me”!

So please; Microsoft, Adobe, Java …. Configura (yes, we are included in this matter) what can you do to make my daily computer experience better?

Configura 20 Years of Innovation

We celebrate 20 years in 2010. It has been 20 years of belief and dedication. 20 years of passion and hunger to improve at all time. It’s been ups and downs but we are fighters. We like challenges and we will never stop innovating!
Thanks for being a part of our journey, thanks a lot!

Configura at NeoCon


Some photos from our redesigned booth at NeoCon. If you haven’t seen the new booth design, check it out in this pdf


Cate Sword and Alexandra Tseffos

Configura people at our booth 7-7046

You will find more photos in our Facebook gallery.

Sales and design melt together – true or utopia?

Have you asked yourself the question if a sales person can do design and if a designer can do some sales? I have and Yes, why not! Maybe not in all situations but definitely, Yes, for smaller and standard straight forward projects, Yes.
The whole idea that sales have to communicate customer needs to designers is inefficient, slow, and costly and does not go in line with modern fast service ambitions. Can you imagine a customer waiting a week for a proposal that a sales person could do together with the customer in an hour? I guess and hope you say no!
What we need is;
  1. Managers that lead
  2. Sales people that learn design and practice design
  3. Designers that learn sales and practice sales
I can see that this is fundamentally against how many work today but the question is if we can stop it or if we even should try to stop it?
I think the benefits are great and we can’t stop it!
What do you think?

The Achilles’ heel of computer programming – Redo Reluctance!

Computer programming is a piece of art. The programmer is the artist. Each master piece in the shape of algorithms and data structures takes days, weeks, months, or years to accomplish. The difference between good and bad programmers is their ability to throw bad work in the bin and start all over again. Programmers that fall in love with their code and refuse to redo are doomed to be ranked as mediocre. Programmers that prefer to redo instead of fixing existing code are the winners and heroes. If you have something that does not really work? Remember; Redo will always win over keep!

The Viking Law – leadership essentials for us all!

In the mid 90’s the Configura friend and entrepreneur Gunnar Olsson showed me the Viking Law. I was in love immediately. Not many words but a lot of sense and meaning. I value the Viking Law as a must have tool in leading myself and my team. So, here it is, use it with caution, its powerful!
Viking law
Be brave and a driving force
Get straight to the point
Take the chance when it arises
Use many angles of attack
Be versatile and quick footed
Attack one target at a time
Don’t plan everything in detail
Make use of the best weapons available
Be prepared
Keep your weapons in order
Stay in good shape
Be sure to have good friends and allies
Be united on important issues
Choose one chief
Be a good businessman
Find out the needs of the client
Don’t promise more than you can deliver
Don’t overcharge
Work in a way so you can come back
Keep order in the camp
Retain a good overview
Do pleasant things that strengthen the team
Make sure everybody does useful tasks
Take advice from the whole team


Quality Assurance – The needle in the haystack?

In software development one of the most difficult tasks are quality assurance (QA). The number of possible combinations of hardware and software are huge. And then we add version numbers which makes the task to escalate from hard to scary. Even if something works for one combination it does not mean that it works for the other. Wow! Something has to be done here? I am not kidding! We need to find the needle in the haystack! There are many great software developers and innovators in this world and most of them are friendly and love to do good things. I wish that 2010 deliver improved QA possibilities for our software heroes.

Cloud Computing – right now or later?

I really like the idea of having my work available on any device wherever I go at anytime. That’s an “I want it all and I want it now” approach to work. Instant sharing of information would make things easier and faster. Cloud Computing creates transparency in our collaborative life. So, let’s go for it… or are we not ready? What do you think?

Embrace the challenge zone – surprise yourself and your surrounding – be a winner

The enemy is the comfort zone. People and organizations in the comfort zone are doomed to extinction. I salute you because you love the challenge zone! You embrace initiative, innovation, and excellence in delivery. Hail to the brave that everyday wake up in the challenge zone and love it. Ok, we need to relax in periods but that’s just for reflection and decision making on what challenges you want to focus on when time is ready. The cure against comfort is to think “surprise”. Don’t be lazy. Don’t think it’s hard. Don’t be caught in the comfort zone because you think you can’t do it. Surprise yourself, surprise your friends, surprise your partner, and surprise the world by delivering something that is better than ever thought about or even thought was possible. That’s staying out of the comfort zone! That’s having fun working with the future today!

PGC – Can handle everything – You are the winner

I often hear that we can’t help because PGC can’t handle a specific type of product or system. This is not right! You should always have an “everything is possible” mindset when you think about PGC. Remember that PGC is flexible and dynamic because it adapts to your reality. PGC is not based on a static standard. It uses a formal language to express your needs and what you tell and train PGC to do can be distributed to all your points of interest in the world instantly.

A true Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) system can handle all concepts, products and system solutions related to space planning and design such as floors, ceilings, walls, windows, doors, ventilation, electrical, control equipment, furniture, machines, robots, storage, lights, interior and more. The difference between CAD and PGC is that with PGC you always have the ambition to build in the rules and intelligence of real products so calculations regarding price, Bill of Material, capacity, strength, volume, weight etc always is correct and automatically ready for you to print/send a quote, print/send the installation drawings, or send an order to the ERP system. The important thing is accepting and appreciating that your work process will change when using PGC and that you will benefit in increased customer service, lower cost, more quotes in less time, no order entry, faster product and solution learning time for staff, and more.
You should always use PGC if you have;
-      A need for space planning and visualization in 2D and 3D.
-      A high volume of quotes.
-      A distributed sales organization selling direct or through independent dealers.
-      The ambition to grow the company and gain market shares.
-      The need to increase profit levels because cost of selling and communicating products are too high.

So, if you already use PGC or are thinking about starting to use it, always consider to contact us to discuss your problems, thoughts and ideas. We are here to help and we love working with you. Don’t think it’s not possible!


Nothing is impossible – stay in the challenge zone!

I do not like it when I hear, “it does not work”, “we can’t do it”, “will never happen”, “too difficult”, and the worst of the worst is “it’s impossible”. Do you have the same problem? This world is full of possibilities and talented people… nothing is impossible! We should live and breathe in the challenge zone at all time. That’s our obligation. Ok, enjoy the comfort zone a few days but make sure that you get out of it in time! Now it’s time to explore the unknown and climb some mountains. I hope you join me!

The power of the Graphics Card will change your day

Traditionally the graphics card has been to the benefit for gamers. Graphics card manufacturers and the gaming industry have pushed the development to the extreme so we today have more computing power in the graphic card than in the main computer. This is great and it’s time for us outside the gaming industry to leverage from this development.

So, what’s good with the graphics card?
  1. Faster graphics. More 2D and 3D components/objects in your project.
  2. Real-time rendering. Photo-realistic images instantly shown on the screen while you work with your project.
Sounds good to me!
What are the hassles?
  1. Compatibility. Not all graphics card will function properly with your computer and your applications. How do we suppose to know those things? We are not gamers?
  2. Graphics card drivers. Old or even the latest graphics card driver can make your application to malfunction. How do we suppose to know those things?
It’s great with new technology but it has to work in our context. We are not gamers that just built our computer on our spare time. We are professionals that just want the computer to make our lives easier. It has to work without hassles. “Plug and play” should be true and not just marketing.
We need to work together and put the right pressure on industry giants to produce more reliable graphics card technology on the market. Software and hardware producers have to cooperate and make sure that new product, updates, and upgrades work in our context. Our context is “plug and work”!

One thing is for sure, the graphic card power is here and we better start using it. I am thrilled by the possibilities!

Openness is the name of the game!

I currently got comments regarding our new website that was more or less pointing out that we are showing too much. “Your competition can see how your product work!”. That’s right but is that a problem? The website is for our existing and future end-users, clients, partners, developers and employees. The competition is welcome to have a look and of course they could contact us if they are interested in collaboration. Why’s that? Protection will not drive innovation! We believe that being on the move all the time is the best protection. So what you see today will be improved tomorrow. Our goal is to improve costly and time consuming processes. We believe that openness will help us reach our goal faster and with more impact.

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